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BIO​  简介

Creativity is about

understanding and

connecting things 


​My name is Adam Zhang. I am a marketing analyst, strategist and experience designer, currently living at Toronto, Canada. I was born and raised in a beautiful city called Hangzhou, China. I came from an artistic family background, where my mother was a journalist and editor, and my father was a piano composer. At age of 16, I was sent to Canada to finish my high school and pursue a Bachelor of Commerce degree at University of Toronto.




Having a business and marketing background has allowed me to recognize the importance of strategic process. I have been able to provide strong strategic thinking and planning skill, as well as to present creative ideas and lead creative process.

I consider myself as creative and system thinker. Having worked in both client and agency environment, as analyst, strategist and experience designer, really enhanced my vision towards business strategy, marketing, user experience and design. More importantly, my enthusiasm and passion towards new ideas and business innovation have been continuously pushing me forward in the industry.

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